Knowledge Kollege

“Intuition comes from a prepared mind, and motivation comes from an inspired team!”

With your very own Knowledge Kollege, your educated team can earn “credits” with every nugget of knowledge. Gamification of Education with points that are able to be redeemed for gift cards, PTO, or customized to whatever you choose, can be a great way to increase product knowledge & profitability!

Enhance your vendor training material with a variety of resources that may include YouTube links, PDF documents, and certifications based on your inventory of brands. Employees will undergo the training and then disseminate the acquired knowledge among their team members. Following this, they may complete a Knowledge Share Point Form for approval, documenting the shared insights and earn points.

The management team can effectively monitor and assess employees' knowledge-sharing efforts at both departmental and individual levels. 

Furthermore, team members have the opportunity to redeem accumulated points at the virtual gift shop for gifts and awards provided by the owner. Live graphs illustrate their progress towards each selected item, enhancing transparency and motivation. (Select on any name below in chart, example shows the amount of points the employee has accrued and can redeem them for any gift cards OR save for the big prize!)