Suite of Workplace Solutions & 

Upgraded Applications

We are excited to be creating additional value to your GroupSpace! We've heard the every day challenges that many small businesses face, and began creating digital applications to support those needs. Below are several examples of those solutions. Just click the icons and discover time-saving tools for the most common small business challenges.

Workplace Solutions (Included in your $79 per month investment)

Employee Directory

Embed Your Schedule 


Vendor Lookup

KPI Dials & Charts

Attendance Log

Weekly Report

Supplier LookUp

Plant Dump Tracker


Task Tracker

Visual TasksBoard

Upgraded Template Applications (Up to $499 Per Application)

Garden on the Go

Landscaper Tracker

Landscape Designer 

The "One View"

Growers Tracker

Growers KPI's

Approvals Tracker

Filtered Knowledge

Time Off Tracker

Plant Knowledge App

Maintenance Tracker

Project Mgmt App

Secret Shopper 

Strategic Goals

Data Dashboard

Knowledge Kollege

Ask Roo (Ai Bot)

Upgraded Training and Development Programs With John Kennedy Consulting

Engagement Survey

Mini-Game Trackers

Start Moving Mountains

Need a Custom Solution or Application? Ask us how.

Digital solutions are very effective in improving business productivity.  Most of our digital applications were designed from manual processes by our team to help support business operations run swiftly. Additional requests are billed at $75 per hour.

Ask for Details!